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PetroFlame Oilfield Services is a solution provider of innovative pest control services and uses techniques in making our service to you more effective, safer and convenient. We provide essential proactive pest elimination services to residential, commercial and industrial sites.

As pest control and elimination are critical to the integrity of a safe working environment and integral to PetroFlame Oilfield Services in fulfilling our clients’ satisfaction, some pesticide usage may be deemed necessary as a practical avenue for control.  We will strive to provide you with the most effective solutions and make every possible effort to further integrate techniques to serve you better.

We are driven by adept efforts to offer customized solutions for pest problem, no matter what the intensity of the problem is, no matter where the pest dwelling is. We can treat them all as and when our customers wish either by way of Fogging or Spraying.

With PetroFlame Oilfield Services you are totally protected. Everything our experienced and friendly pest control technicians do for you is guaranteed.

Whether it’s your house, garden, office, warehouse, hotel, farm, sports ground or school that’s being affected, your pest problems are in safe hands with us.

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