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PetroFlame Oilfield Services provides a range of transportation services related to oil and gas fields in Yemen. These services include:

  • Vehicle rental: PetroFlame Oilfield Services offers rental of all types of vehicles needed for oil and gas field operations. This includes trucks, SUVs, and other specialized vehicles.
  • Caravan and houses rental: The company also provides caravan and housing rental services for workers and staff in oil and gas fields. These rental units are designed to meet the specific needs of field operations and are available in a range of sizes and configurations.
  • Truck transportation of heavy cargo: PetroFlame Oilfield Services offers truck transportation services for heavy cargo related to oil and gas field operations. This includes the transportation of equipment, machinery, and other materials needed for field operations.
  • Water and Fuel Tank-Truck Transport: The company also provides transportation services for water and fuel tanks, which are critical for oil and gas field operations. PetroFlame Oilfield Services has specialized tank-trucks that are designed to transport these tanks safely and efficiently.

Overall, PetroFlame Oilfield Services’ transportation services are designed to support oil and gas field operations in Yemen by providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions for equipment, materials, and personnel.

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